CSAM app

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) has released a new app...

CSAM app

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) has released a new app, designed to save time on the job site and help users better understand their legislated safety obligations.

CSAM has compressed more than 350 pages of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and Regulation that users can now keep in their pocket and access at their fingertips on their cellphones and tablets.

“The WSH act and regulation are huge documents that can be hard to navigate,” said CSAM executive director Sean Scott. “We created this app as a resource to enable contractors, supervisors and workers to easily access and understand their legislated responsibilities and legal requirements — and most importantly, how to comply with the law.”

Broken down alphabetically by topic, The CSAM App compiles 20 categories of Manitoba’s workplace safety and health laws, including the original legislated text, a summary of the text rewritten in plain language, and a list of practical resources to better implement the necessary requirements.

“The legislation itself can often be hard to read and understand because it’s filled with legal jargon, and there’s not always time on the job site to stop and figure it out,” said CSAM director of operations Derek Pott. “We have made the act and regulation as clear as possible so that it can be effectively used and referenced on the job site when contractors need the information.”

The app also contains quick links to access other practicable information and resources, including CSAM’s website. Plus, all the WSH act and regulation content is available offline, meaning the information is easily available, even when working on sites in remote rural locations.

The app will be updated whenever legislation is changed, to ensure contractors have the most accurate information on site without needing to purchase or print a new hard copy. The CSAM App is available for free and does not require membership to access.