VelocityEHS SDS update

VelocityEHS has launched its newly designed MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management...

VelocityEHS SDS update

VelocityEHS has launched its newly designed MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management software platform. This latest release includes over 350 new and improved features to help companies who work with hazardous chemicals simplify compliance and improve worker safety.

The new software design was driven by feedback from the MSDSonline user community. The result is a more visually intuitive user experience, improved accessibility, and new tools so today’s increasingly diverse workforce can play a more proactive role in workplace safety, the company says.

“As workplace dynamics change, it’s critical that companies adopt more sophisticated solutions to support greater employee engagement in safety and understanding of workplace hazards,” said Glenn Trout, president and CEO of VelocityEHS. “We’re proud to offer this latest generation of our best-in-class MSDSonline Chemical Management solutions that are easy to use and fast to implement. This new release sets a new industry standard for what safety professionals require from a chemical management product.” 

The reimagined design makes it faster and easier for users to find what they are looking for in just a few clicks and requires little to no training to use.

The platform better meets the needs of multinational companies and/or companies with widely diverse workforces, while also simplifying compliance with the latest regulatory updates from GHS, OSHA and WHMIS.

Plus, users get even greater control over their hazardous chemical inventories and a clearer, more comprehensive understanding of their organization’s overall hazardous chemical footprint.

"We’ve seen a very clear shift in the industry as more companies adopt technological solutions to help them keep workers safe and workplaces compliant among a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape,” said Mike Flynn, vice-president of product at VelocityEHS. “We’re radically changing the chemical management space, giving companies quicker, easier and more flexible options for improving workplace safety, engaging their employees, and simplifying their hazard communication compliance.”

The MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts feature built-in GHS workplace labelling capabilities, including integrations with Avery, Brady and Graphic Products’ DuraLabel. Its SDS/Chemical Management Mobile App simplifies in-the-field chemical inventory management tasks and provides employees with both on- and off-line right-to-know access to SDSs.