Cementex Arc Flash PPE

Cementex has announced new lift-front hoods in their PPE series

Cementex Arc Flash PPE
The hoods are part of the Arc Flash PPE Ultralight Series.

Cementex, a safety tool company, has announced the release of a new lift-front hood in their Ultralight Series of Arc Flash PPE. The lift-front hoods provide a larger viewing area through the updated clear gray color shield, and remain compatible with Cementex’s hood ventilation system, for the safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment. The ventilation system helps to reduce the risk of dehydration, especially in hot weather conditions.

The new lift-front face shield of this hood provides a larger viewing area through which users can see the energized equipment. By enhancing the area of view to see potential hazards and users’ peripheral vision, the new lift-front hood design helps to minimize accidental contact with energized, hazardous conductors. The lift-front shield must remain latched safely while operators are within the hazardous area around energized equipment, but can be lifted when safely away in order to more easily facilitate breaks.

Cementex PPE hoods are unique within the Arc Flash Protective Equipment landscape, as the hood completely covers the hard hat. A headlight strap with an optional LED light provides the necessary illumination for safe work in poorly lit environments. All Cementex hoods are vent ready, allowing upgrades to include a ventilation system at a later time.