Cementex has arc flash suit with ventilation system

Ventilation system installed in PPE suit

Cementex has arc flash suit with ventilation system

Two innovations in arc flash PPE technology, specifically for hoods and face shields, can help to improve comfort and ease of use in hazardous arc flash environments. These improvements are a ventilation system throughout the PPE suit, and a lift-front face shield integrated into the hood.

The Cementex ventilation system features a durable Kydex™ shell and runs on AA batteries for 6 hours, reaching 35 CFM.

The company says the ventilation system improves comfort by increasing the amount of overall oxygen flowing through the suit; what’s more, on the extremely hot days the airflow assists in cooling workers’ skin and thus extending time between water breaks and reducing the risk of overheating.

The other major innovation is in the introduction of lift-front face shields integrated into arc flash PPE hoods. Take, for example, the lift-front face shields for the hoods in the Cementex Ultralight Series of Arch Flash PPE. The lift-front hoods provide a larger viewing area and provides personnel (who move out of the Arc Flash Boundary) with the ability to lift the face shield. By enhancing the area of view to see potential hazards and users’ peripheral vision, the new lift-front hood design helps to minimize accidental contact with energized, hazardous conductors.

Outside the arc flash boundary with the face shield safely lifted, the personnel can consult with supervisors or coworkers, drink water, or allow greater airflow while taking a break without needing to remove the entire hood. Afterwards, it is simple to pull the face shield back down, return to the work zone, and continue working while adequately protected from arc flash hazards in a timely manner.