Honeywell’s latest harness designed for safety & comfort

Utilizes ergonomic science to improve functionality

Honeywell’s latest harness designed for safety & comfort

There’s a new full body harness on the market from Honeywell Miller®.  It has released the H700 Full Body Harness which has been designed utilizing ergonomic scientific findings to improve safety and comfort.

The first main feature is the One-Pull Trauma Relief Steps. A patented release mechanism deploys two steps, one for each foot, allowing the suspended person to conveniently stand up while in the harness. Any pressure to the arteries and veins around the top of the legs is quickly relieved, avoiding the risk of serious injury or death.

The H700 also comes with a Pivot Strap Adjuster that offers workers better mobility and enhanced comfort. It allows workers to adjust the leg straps in a way that best suits the physical actions they need to perform, like crouching, bending, or crawling. The Self-Retracting Lifeline integrated connector makes it easy to attach carbineers. Meanwhile, the tool tether anchors, and lanyard keepers are positioned in several convenient locations.

The materials used include innovative high-tech 3D padding that is multilayered and designed for enhanced breathability and venting. It keeps workers dry and cooler by combining airflow channel, moisture dispersion technology, and 3D knitted fabric. The shoulder back padding has been designed to protect workers from their robust twin person SRLs.