Slice introduces safety cutter ring

Allow for ‘unprecedented freedom of movement’ for the user

Slice introduces safety cutter ring

Slice’s Safety Cutter Ring combines the company’s ultra-safe micro-ceramic blade with unprecedented freedom of movement for the user. Most cutting tools require some kind of grip, which can put strain on the muscles and tendons of the hand and wrist. The Safety Cutter Ring becomes part of the user’s hand, moving when they do.

Slice blades feature a finger-friendly edge that’s safe to the touch, but some, like this unique ring cutter, have the micro-ceramic blade, first introduced in the Slice Safety Cutter. The original Safety Cutter is one of the company’s most popular tools, tackling industrial plastic bags, vinyl sheets and even clamshell packaging. Whereas the Safety Cutter is intended for straight cuts, the Safety Cutter Ring now gives users the power to make intricate, detailed cuts in the same materials with the tip of their finger.

“With a tool that fits right on your finger, the Safety Cutter Ring moves with you. It’s as easy and intuitive as using a touch screen on your iPad,” says TJ Scimone, Slice founder and CEO.

Ideal for detailed work in art or manufacturing settings, the Safety Cutter Ring is ergonomic, ambidextrous and lightweight. It features a removable adapter to accommodate any size finger, so it works well in settings where multiple people share a safety knife.