Bunzl Canada offers electrostatic disinfecting solutions

ByoPlanet® Sprayer can be used for several types of applications

Bunzl Canada offers electrostatic disinfecting solutions

Bunzl Canada has introduced new electrostatic disinfecting solutions to enhance cleaning efficacy and efficiency.

ByoPlanet® Jet H2 Ultra: This self-contained handheld sprayer achieves atomization quality and electrostatic charging levels comparable to plug-in-the-wall sprayers. Its optimized spray coverage provides thorough disinfection.

ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer System: The ByoPack™ is a lightweight, highly mobile solution. Using Induction Charged Technology™, it delivers disinfectant to hard-to-reach areas.

MS-700™ Electrostatic Sprayer System: The MS-700™ Electrostatic Sprayer System is designed for durability and convenience. It employs Induction Charged Technology™ for effective electrostatic delivery, particularly in challenging spaces.

These products are intended to improve cleaning processes and hygiene standards.