CybeReady unveils new security training solution

Company offers fresh option for small and medium-sized enterprises

CybeReady unveils new security training solution

CybeReady, a security awareness training company, has launched an upgraded version of its acclaimed security training platform, tailored explicitly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employing between 25 to 150 staff. Recognizing the unique cybersecurity challenges that SMEs face, CybeReady has fine-tuned its solution to offer more effective, affordable, and user-friendly cybersecurity training.

In a recent CNBC report, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Michael Sohn highlighted the escalating cyber threats to SMEs, stressing the importance of vigilance. Typically constrained by limited resources and lacking dedicated IT security teams, many SMEs struggle to defend against cyberattacks.

CybeReady's new SME-optimized solution addresses these challenges by providing a competitively priced, comprehensive security training solution, specifically designed for companies with minimal IT infrastructure and support staff. The key features of this solution include an 'AutoPilot' mode for easy implementation, one-click compliance, continuous employee training, adaptive phishing simulations, and accelerated onboarding.

CybeReady's SME solution prioritizes measurable results and operational simplicity. The 'AutoPilot' feature allows organizations to effortlessly implement continuous training, tailored to each employee's role and risk profile. The goal is to help SMEs achieve security compliance and mitigate risks effectively, even with limited resources.

Eitan Fogel, CEO of CybeReady, emphasized the user-friendly approach: "Our mission is to ensure even the smallest businesses can equip their teams with the tools they need to protect against the flood of cyber threats. No company is too small to defend with CybeReady."

With the release of this SME-focused solution, CybeReady aims to fortify the cybersecurity defenses of businesses of all sizes, safeguarding them from the growing threats in the digital landscape.