Honeywell CT45 mobile computer

CT45 mobile computers are an all-purpose productivity tool

Honeywell CT45 mobile computer
The device features a Wi-Fi 6 capability.

Honeywell’s CT45 and CT45XP mobile computers are rugged, all-purpose productivity tools, enabling mobile workers to execute tasks and access to business-critical data. These handheld devices are used by workers throughout a changing retail supply chain – including logistics, warehousing, in-store retail and last-mile delivery/

Built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform with Qualcomm IoT mobile solutions, the CT45 offers a future-proof guarantee of continuous Android version support through Android 13, with a commitment of support through Android 14 and 15 if feasible. With the Honeywell Android Service, this ensures software patch support through 2032.

The CT45 XP features a Wi-Fi 6 capability, allowing for faster, more reliable connections for multiple devices in crowded distribution centers, warehouses and retail stores.