SafetyTek EHS platform

SafetyTek automatically reports each worker’s coronavirus risk level via a new COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis Solution Instant Results feature

SafetyTek EHS platform
New solution part of larger COVID-19 package.

SafetyTek Software, an environment health and safety (EHS) platform provider, has launched the SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis solution’s new Instant Results feature.

The Instant Results feature lets workers instantly confirm on their mobile phones whether they are free of COVID-19 risk. Meanwhile, it alerts supervisors and managers of employees at potential risk, so they can act immediately and preemptively to protect other workers. By automatically analyzing each worker’s COVID-19 risk, the Instant Results feature frees managers from the time and effort to manually conduct the analysis – time that can make the difference between whether an infected employee comes into contact with other colleagues. The Instant Results feature is part of the newest SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis release, which is available for free.

SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis is a cloud-based solution that allows safety, human resources (HR) and other managers to share updates with workers and monitor the COVID-19 status of employees to determine who can safely work onsite with team members and who needs to work in isolation. Because managers can use either their computers or mobile devices to access SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis, they can readily make decisions whether at the office, at a work site, at home or in quarantine. Meanwhile, the solution lets workers remotely self-report any symptoms of COVID-19 or potential exposure using their mobile phones and receive their assigned COVID-19 health status.

Instant Results with the red light/green light indicator builds on the existing dashboard capabilities of SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis to help companies prevent potentially infected employees from coming into contact with other workers in four ways:

  • Employees who use their mobile phones to fill out the simple COVID-19 Self-Assessment form instantly get a green light to show they can come to work or a red light indicating that they need to wait for directions from their supervisor.
  • Managers and supervisors automatically receive an alert email or text for any worker with a red light warning. They can then contact the employee to determine whether it is safe to come to work or take another course of action.
  • The COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis Dashboard also automatically alerts managers about workers who have either received a red light signaling potential COVID-19 risk or have not yet completed the required COVID-19 Self-Assessment form.
  • Concierges or greeters at workplaces can require employees to show the green light signal – or a red light signal with a resolution – on their mobile phones before entering the building.