Siemens release new automatic transfer switches

Russelectric line features External Manual Operator

Siemens release new automatic transfer switches

A Siemens Business, manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, highlights the External Manual Operator (EMO), a standard feature of the Russelectric® RTS-03 Series and RTS-30 Series of open-transition automatic transfer switches. 

The company says it is the most rugged and complete line of 480 VAC 30-cycle and 3-cycle UL tested switches available in the market today. It claims the EMO feature enables easy, safe, and quick manual transfer with the door fully closed, significantly reducing downtime and the risk of arc flash injuries.

Siemens says with the EMO the manual transfer process is much easier and faster for both the preferred and the alternative power sources, and no special procedures are required to ensure the system is de-energized during the transfer operation. That means less downtime because the cabinet door remains closed.

The EMO utilizes the same Russelectric transfer mechanism as the automatic electrical operator, a design proven to provide exceptional safety and durability. During an open-transition transfer, the contact mechanism is securely locked in position until an over-centre position is reached. Preloaded springs then instantaneously open the closed contacts (quick-break) and instantaneously close the open contacts (quick-make) with only a momentary break in between.

This quick-break design along with rapid arc quenching features provide for rapid arc interruption, under maximum voltage and amperage, reducing contact erosion and overheating to extend useful life. Russelectric transfer switches have the highest 480 VAC 3-cycle closing and withstand ratings of any switches available today.