Simulator dozer training

CM Labs Simulations’ updated training pack teaches complex levelling, grading

Simulator dozer training

Montreal-based CM Labs Simulations announced an update to its Dozer Training Pack that includes all-new training exercises and teaching tools, as well as new high-precision earthmoving simulation technology.

The updated Dozer Training Pack teaches complex levelling and grading techniques. This is made possible thanks to new earthmoving simulation techniques that capture blade and dirt interactions to within one inch of precision. Once seated in the simulator, operators have the same feeling of moving soil as they would on real equipment, said CM Labs.

“This realism engages trainees in a learning experience that translates directly into work site skills,” said Lisa Barbieri, CM Labs’ vice-president of marketing and customer experience. “To learn realoperating skills, you need real-life conditions... If it doesn’t look right, the training won’t feel right either.”

The new exercises include production dozing, access road creation and material spreading as well as how to operate in a complex work environment. The training also integrates a real-time grade quality sensor that tracks key metrics such as height, slope and standard deviation. With instant feedback, operators can adjust on the fly, as they would in real-life operations. 

Training exercises come complete with on-screen tips, best-practice hints and performance indicators that enable trainees to learn at their own pace or as part of an instructor-led training curriculum. When the Dozer Training Pack is paired with CM Labs’ Instructor Operating Station, trainers can set conditions that include inclement weather and night-time operations.