Vergo launches digital solution to address musculoskeletal injuries

Company identifies high-risk posture movements using advanced technologies

Vergo launches digital solution to address musculoskeletal injuries

Vergo, a Halifax-based company has introduced its digital solution designed to combat the alarming impact of musculoskeletal injuries in workplaces. Leveraging advanced computer vision and data analysis, Vergo's platform aims to reduce workplace injuries by identifying high-risk posture movements and empowering supervisors with actionable insights in near real-time to implement effective safety controls.

According to recent statistics, workplace musculoskeletal injuries in Canada account for nearly 40% of all workplace injuries and not only cost employers significantly but also burden workers' compensation boards (WCB) and the already strained healthcare system. These injuries leave a lasting emotional and physical impact on the workers themselves.

"We believe that a safe workplace is a productive workplace. Vergo's advanced technology aims to minimize injuries and create a culture of safety for employees and organizations," said Vergo’s founder Christian Browne. "Innovation and collaboration are at the core of our vision to make a real impact on workers' lives and the success of businesses."

Vergo's user-friendly online dashboard equips supervisors with valuable insights in near real-time, enabling them to proactively implement safety measures and protect their workforce with efficiency. They also provide microlearning training videos, delivered in short increments each week, to foster safe movement habits among employees, ultimately promoting a culture of safety in the workplace.