ESG Summit 2023: Navigating the new frontier of business ethics

Summit will provide all of the ins and outs of ESG regulatory law

ESG Summit 2023: Navigating the new frontier of business ethics

The rapidly evolving world of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors is reshaping the business landscape. On October 12th, Toronto will host the ESG Summit, a pivotal event for corporate leaders, legal experts, and ESG professionals, discussing the profound influence of ESG on Canadian businesses.

ESG is no longer just a buzzword; it's a board-level priority. Investors, regulators, and customers are demanding measurable sustainability commitments. Failure to meet these expectations can lead to regulatory action and litigation.

Key Agenda Highlights:

Addressing ESG Litigation Risks: The summit starts with a focus on avoiding greenwashing claims - a growing concern as organizations strive to showcase their sustainability. This session explores ESG-related litigation risks and best practices to mitigate them.

Sustainable Finance: The State of Play: Participants will delve into the world of sustainable financing products, discussing growth, obligations, and risks. Best practices for raising capital through sustainable financing will be a key topic.

Supply Chain Due Diligence Best Practices: With increased scrutiny, supply chain compliance is crucial. This session addresses the implications of Canada's proposed Modern Slavery Act and offers insights into supply chain management and due diligence practices.

Incorporating Indigenous-Related Matters into ESG Objectives: The importance of Indigenous-related ESG issues is highlighted, including environmental and social impacts on Indigenous communities. Strategies for building trust and partnerships with Indigenous communities will be discussed.

Practical Strategies for Achieving EDI Goals: Diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) are in the spotlight. This session provides practical strategies for achieving EDI goals, ensuring organizations promote diversity at all levels.

The ESG Summit equips attendees with knowledge to navigate the complex ESG landscape and stay ahead of regulatory changes. As Canada and global organizations call for enhanced ESG disclosure, this summit offers critical insights.

The evolving role of ESG in business is undeniable, and those who proactively adapt are likely to thrive in a more sustainable and responsible future.