Rumble strips added at intersection where 17 died in a crash

Manitoba plans more safety improvements which also include better signage

Rumble strips added at intersection where 17 died in a crash

Steps have been taken to improve safety at an intersection in Manitoba that was the scene of a deadly crash earlier this year and was also the focal point of another serious accident just weeks later.

Rumble strips has been installed at the intersection of Highway 5 and the Trans-Canada Highway, near Carberry, MB.

According to CTV News Winnipeg, Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure installed the strips and completed line painting last week.

There are plans to improve signage leading up the intersection.

“The department is continuing to work on placing the advance warning signs and expects the signs to be installed in the near future. Some existing signs will also be replaced in the coming weeks,” a spokesperson said in a prepared statement to the local news outlet.

17 people died from a crash on June 15 involving a semi-truck and a bus carrying a group of seniors from the Dauphin area to a casino in Carberry.

The intersection was the site of a crash on June 15. It involved a semi-truck and a bus transporting a group of seniors from Dauphin and the surrounding area to a casino in Carberry. Seventeen people died as a result of the crash.

Then on July 31 another crash at the same intersection sent three people to hospital.

The spokesperson for the province says a consultant is working on a safety review of the intersection.

“The preliminary field investigation was completed on July 28, 2023, and MTI’s consultant is currently completing the safety analysis for the intersection. MTI expects a final report in late fall,” the spokesperson said.

RCMP officers are still investigating the June 15 collision.