5 tips for a kinder layoff

5 tips for a kinder layoff
Capitalizing on Kindness: Why 21st Century Professionals Need to Be Nice
Career Press, $15.99 (US)

Layoffs are a business reality in today’s recessionary economy. Record layoffs around the country, the worst level since The Great Depression, are causing stress, decreased productivity, lawsuits, and toxic workplace environments. But there are ways to preserve and bolster relationships and business prosperity in spite of this unfortunate economic necessity.
“Kindness is the key to making layoffs more humane and less painful for everyone involved” says Kristin Tillquist, author of Capitalizing on Kindness: Why 21st Century Professionals Need to Be Nice. Simple methods greatly help the person being laid off, giving them the type of treatment that preserves their dignity – above all, treat them like they are simply retiring not like they are being fired. But what about those remaining after a round of layoffs?

Nothing is more disconcerting to those left behind than a suddenly-empty desk with no explanation from the bosses and no chance to say goodbye to their colleagues. “The very health of your business is dependent on maintaining a positive – and hence more productive – work environment,” notes Tillquist, “so showing consideration during layoffs is not just kind; it’s a recessionary survival tool for your business.”
To help business owners and bosses deal with layoffs, Tillquist offers these 5 tips for a kinder layoff: 
1.      Say you are sorry for their loss.
2.      Thank them for their past service.
3.      Let them stay on for a few days after the layoff notice.
4.      Offer to help with their professional transition.
5.      Let their colleagues say a proper goodbye; a farewell luncheon?
Tillquist’s new book, “Capitalizing on Kindness: Why 21st Century Professionals Need to be Nice” makes the business case for kindness and has garnered national attention, stimulating discussion about achieving success the nice way, especially during a recessionary economy. Tillquist is the chief of staff to the mayor of the City of Riverside, the seat of one of the largest, fastest-growing counties in America. A former attorney, Tillquist is also a noted speaker about why kindness is a 21st century imperative for business success.

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