ABC Life Literacy Canada bolsters workplace education with launch of new website

ABC Life Literacy Canada recently launched a new workplace literacy website, developed to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and essential skills in the workplace. The website, complemented by a new national print and online advertising campaign entitled, “Are you prepared?” emphasizes the impact of workplace education on Canada’s economy.

“We encourage employers to take a leadership role in preparing their workers through workplace education for the competitive challenges ahead,” says Margaret Eaton, president of ABC Life Literacy Canada (formerly ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation).

Four out of 10 Canadian adults ages 16 to 65 continue to struggle with low literacy levels, and of those, approximately 72 per cent are employed.

“Ensuring that employees have the skills they need to be successful individuals promotes the overall success of the organization and has a clear impact on the bottom line,” says Eaton. Several success stories are featured in the new advertising campaign.

The C. D. Howe Institute reports that a one per cent rise in a country’s literacy level, relative to the international average, is associated with an eventual 2.5 per cent rise in labour productivity and a 1.5 per cent rise in the per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This one per cent increase in literacy rates would boost the national income by as much as $32 billion.

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