ASSP Foundation safety fund draws in top donors

Amazon have contributed over $100K to fund OHS education

ASSP Foundation safety fund draws in top donors

The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Foundation’s Resource for Safety Fund, which invests in the OHS community to assist with career guidance, education and leadership, has drawn in a number of corporate donors to assist with its mission.

Recently, the ASSP Foundation has received support from companies such as Amazon, the Canadian National Railway Company, UPS, The Walt Disney Company and Liberty Mutual. In addition, L’Oréal also made its very first donation to the ASSP Foundation Professional Education Grant Program.

The ASSP Foundation was chartered in 1990. Its mission is to promote occupational health and safety as a top career choice and build up attractive avenues into the profession. Since its inception, the Foundation has invested over USD $5 million into the OHS community.

“It’s due to the generosity of donors that we can help so many people move ahead in the safety and health profession,” says Trish Ennis, ASSP Foundation Chair. “The support of our donor community reflects a growing recognition that safety and health professionals play vital roles in protecting workers across all industries.”

Their donations will help draw newcomers to the safety profession as well as help current professionals and students to expand their knowledge and skills in the OHS sector.

“Investing in occupational safety and health as a desirable and attainable career is an investment in our collective future,” said Eric Sachleben, Liberty Mutual east division manager and ASSP Foundation trustee.

Earlier in June, the ASSP also announced that this year it would be awarding USD $328,000 is academic scholarships and professional education grants to 117 individuals. This includes $307,000 for 100 graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the OHS field, and $21,000 in professional education grants to 17 practicing safety professionals.

For the second year running, Amazon has gifted the Foundation USD $120,000.

“The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority – and has been since day one. Our commitment to safety extends beyond our sites, and we are excited to continue our investment in the ASSP Foundation for a second year in a row. We know that by collaborating with ASSP, we are supporting a growing network of empowered individuals who are focused on making the world a safer place,” says Heather MacDougall, vice president of worldwide workplace health at safety at Amazon.