ASSP to improve health and safety in electrical sector

ASSP and NECA plan to collaborate to push for better OHS in electrical industry

ASSP to improve health and safety in electrical sector
ASSP is also continuing its SafetyFOCUS series.

Last week, the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) announced that it would be partnering with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). The two organizations have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding which aims to bring to organizations closer together and collaborate to push for better occupational health and safety in the electrical construction sector.

This collaboration will include sharing best practices and ensuring a better access to continuing education and training programs.

“We recognize the benefits of collaboration to improve occupational safety and health practices and outcomes. We strive to eliminate worker illnesses, injuries and fatalities across the board, and organizations working together improves the ability to achieve that result.” Said Jennifer McNelly, CEO of the ASSP.

David Long, CEO of NECA, added: “We work to raise the profile of worker safety in our industry, so cooperating with ASSP brings a new level of expertise to that effort. I am excited for the good this collaboration can do, not just for our member companies, but the electrical construction industry as a whole.”


The ASSP is also continuing its virtual event series, SafetyFOCUS. On Nov 17, ASSP will run an immersive education event intitled Human and Organizational Performance, and on Nov 18-19, there will be a Business Skills and Leadership event. These education events, which are free for ASSP members, are designed to help health and safety professionals keep abreast of best practices in the OHS sector.

The Human and Organizational Performance panel will give space to industry experts to share their insights on how to help build a positive safety culture. The second event, Business Skills and Leadership, is a two-day event and will focus on leadership and how to make a case for health and safety to upper management.