BCSP launches comprehensive salary reporting tool for safety practitioners

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) in the United States has launched Safety Salary Source, a new reporting tool that allows users to view survey data on safety, health and environmental practitioners' salaries in new detail.
"BCSP is committed to the research and reporting of safety practitioners' salaries, and has produced robust data on professional, technologist and technician level compensation," said Treasa Turnbeaugh, CEO of BCSP. "We will be collecting additional relevant data in future reports."

With Safety Salary Source, users are provided tools to better navigate the expanding salary information, having access to a graphical views that can be filtered and customized to meet more specific needs, she said.
Those using Safety Salary Source can search for the salaries of safety professionals with or without BCSP certifications, view summary reports, and apply up to four filters. After one filter is applied using the tool's main menu, the option to apply advanced filters is presented beneath the resulting report's title.
Safety Salary Source makes it possible for users to compare data not available before. For example, it is possible to find the average salary of a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with a bachelor's degree working in California. ??Search Safety Salary Source at www.bcsp.org/salary_survey.