Bravo Target Safety acquires EHS Partnerships

ESHp is a good match for Bravo due to the complementary nature of its services

Bravo Target Safety acquires EHS Partnerships

Industrial safety services firm Bravo Target Safety has acquired EHS Partnerships (EHSp), a full-service environmental and occupational health and safety (EHS/OH&S) company.

Effective immediately, EHSp’s 50 professionals across Canada are joining the Bravo team.

“EHSp’s expertise perfectly complements Bravo’s specialization in field services,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO, Bravo. “This acquisition unites our areas of expertise to create a stronger total offering. By enhancing and diversifying our services, we will be able to sell into our existing customer base while pursuing new opportunities.”

ESHp is a good match for Bravo due to the complementary nature of its services, according to Bravo. 

Bravo is focused on the provision of highly trained safety personnel, and the latest in industrial equipment and technology solutions. Added to this value chain are EHSp’s areas of specialization: industrial hygiene and hazardous materials – engineering controls that isolate workers from risk. 

“This is a very good fit,” said Glyn Jones, co-founder of EHSp and general manager of Bravo’s new EHS business unit. “Together, we will be able to offer a greater range of services to existing and prospective customers. Additionally, our corporate cultures are aligned and we already service a number of common customers.”

The new integrated service offering is more comprehensive and allows Bravo to extend its market reach, according to the company.

“Only about half of EHSp’s legacy business is in the energy sector. So, this acquisition gives us unprecedented access to new and untapped markets,” said O’Brien. “For example, we will now have a physical presence in Ottawa and Winnipeg, which facilitates business development with the federal government and new manufacturing customers. Simply put, together, we are a stronger team.”