Canadian satisfaction with employers among the world's highest

In a period of economic recovery, 35 per cent of Canadian employees are "very satisfied" with their current employer, according to the latest Randstad quarterly work survey. Among the 23 countries surveyed, only Denmark and Norway achieved a higher satisfaction level with 36 per cent. By comparison, six per cent of Chinese employees and seven per cent of Japanese employees reported being "very satisfied" with their employer. The United Kingdom had a rate of 20 per cent, Australia 24 and the United States 31.

The survey also reveals that 78 per cent of Canadian workers say they are not looking for another job, another finding that will please companies.

Randstad's quarterly work survey, which records worker confidence and expectations about the likelihood of changing jobs during the next six months, offers a clear and precise understanding of the feelings of employees in the labour market and key trends.

Satisfaction highest among 18 to 24 year olds
In Canada, it is employees aged 18 to 24 who show the highest satisfaction rating with 47 per cent of those surveyed saying they are "very satisfied" with their employer. Conversely, satisfaction is lowest with workers aged 25 to 34 years with 23 per cent.

    Proportion of employees very satisfied with their employer by age group:
    18 to 24 years:    47%
    25 to 34 years:    23%
    35 to 44 years:    27%
    45 to 54 years:    45%
    55 to 64 years:    41%

Employees regain confidence
While the results of this survey are very encouraging for Canadian companies, it is nevertheless important to note that employees are regaining confidence in the labour market. In fact, 67 per cent of Canadian employees surveyed say they are confident that in the current economic climate they would be able to get a comparable new job.

First introduced in the Netherlands in 2003 and more recently in Germany, the Randstad work survey now extends to 23 countries around the world, in Europe, Asia and America. Published four times a year, the survey reveals local and global trends related to worker mobility.

This quantitative study was conducted among people aged 18 to 65 who work at least 24 hours per week in paid employment (excluding self-employed) and who were asked to answer a questionnaire online. The minimum sample is 400 interviews per country, using Survey Sampling International. The first wave of interviews was conducted between January 21 and February 9, 2010.

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