CAW calls for training and respect for airport security workers

Amidst the debate over privacy and changing airport security measures, the concerns of frontline workers have been absent, says CAW President Ken Lewenza. These changes are of particular relevance to workers employed in airport security, who face the brunt of passenger anger at long line-ups and what some might perceive as invasive practices.

Airline passengers will and have already faced increased line-ups as changes to security measures are ironed out. Lewenza urged Canadians not to take their frustrations out on the security staff or other airport or airline workers, who have been caught up in changing work practices.

"We support reasonable measures to improve travelling security, but it is critical that frontline workers receive the appropriate training and airports and airlines ensure the necessary staffing levels," says Lewenza. "Airlines in particular have cut staff so much that if any crisis should occur, such as what we saw over the holidays, the handful of existing staff is unable to cope with the overwhelming level of demand."

The CAW represents approximately 1,500 airport security workers and up to 10,000 airport and airline workers across the country.