Employers get expert help on human rights in the workplace

Human Rights at Work-2008
Ontario Human Rights Commission
Carswell; Softcover, 130 pages; $50 (CAN)

The Ontario Human Rights Commission recently issued the newly-updated third edition of Human Rights at Work. The new edition of a human rights handbook will help employers put human rights into action. This plain-language guide includes examples, best practices, sample forms, and other resources to help people develop and maintain inclusive, respectful workplaces that meet the standards of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

“Almost three-quarters of human rights complaints in Ontario are about a problem in the workplace,” says Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall. “Human Rights at Work outlines some of the more common human rights issues and provides explanations and examples to help employers and employees understand their obligations and responsibilities.“

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) has endorsed the guide as a valuable resource containing advice and tools for employers that can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization, business or agency. Implementing best practices and principles can help employers protect employee rights, comply with the law, and save time and money by dealing with workplace human rights issues promptly.

The third edition of Human Rights at Work is available for reading online at www.ohrc.on.ca. To order a print copy visit www.carswell.com.