ESG compliance: The new imperative for safety professionals

Compliance top of the list when it comes to safety concerns

ESG compliance: The new imperative for safety professionals
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In recent years – and especially with COVID – our definition of workplace health and safety has greatly expanded, and OHS professionals have been tasked with more and more responsibilities.

Compliance is typically top of the list when it comes to safety pro’s concerns.

The pandemic has shone a light on the importance of supply chain integrity, and as we look to the post-pandemic workplace, now is the time to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance into the supply chain.

“While thus far it might appear that the demand for greater ESG integration into supply chains has been driven by sustainability advocates and consumer preferences, it is now gaining mainstream endorsement from businesses too,” says Avetta.

Nevertheless, many investors are wary of hidden ESG risks stemming from complex supply chains. Avetta says that “to manage exposure to supply chain risks, investors are asking portfolio companies to integrate ESG considerations into supply chain due diligence, risk assessment, and compliance.”

It can be hard to keep up with OHS updates, but it is especially important when it comes to compliance and supply chain sustainability.

“There's a growing demand from regulators, investors and consumers for supply chain sustainability. Businesses are increasingly expected to understand and manage their exposure to supply chain risk and its impact on the community,” told Danny Shields, VP of Industrial Relations at Avetta, to COS in a recent interview.

“The more intricate a supply chain is, the more an organization is prone to those uncertainties and hidden ESG risks.”

“Many ESG leaders recognize the need to find a middle ground between the sustainability departments and the supply chain departments.

By making supply chain issues a part of ESG oversight, companies can ensure that supply chain sustainability remains high on the executive and board agenda and permeates into the organizational strategy and culture,” says Avetta.

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