Get it done - now!

The Personal Efficiency Program: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Win Back Control of Your Work!
4th Edition
By Kerry Gleeson
Wiley; soft cover $21.95 (CAN)

With over one-million copies sold and in its fourth edition, it’s probably not surprising that Kerry Gleeson’s Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) may not seem particularly new or novel. Most of our problems, she contends, are caused by procrastination, which may be either deliberate or unintentional.

Her program is based on most of the same principles that anyone who has attended any time management course will already know (she calls them the four Ds):

1. Do it now. Read, respond, and act on paper, emails, etc. to completion.
2. Delegate it. If it’s something that someone else can or should do, pass it on to them now.
3. Designate it. Create a task if it’s something that’s going to take you some time to do. Us a calendar (electronic or otherwise) to schedule the task.
4. Discard (or file) it.

Having said that, Gleeson presents the material the way she wants people to set up their work – in a neat, tidy and logical fashion. It’s easy to access her steps, and probably just as easy to apply them, if you’re the type of person who functions best in an orderly environment.

So, if you feel your work is out of control, don’t procrastinate – get a copy of the book and win back control.

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