Honeywell North Safety to close Toronto plant

Honeywell North Safety to close Toronto plant
Changes are afoot over at Honeywell North Safety as the company announces the closure of its Toronto facility and moving work to the States and Mexico. Despite this transition, Honeywell says it's still committed to its customers and employees.

TORONTO — Honeywell North Safety group is closing a plant in Toronto and shifting the work to the United States and Mexico by the end of the year, the union representing approximately 80 workers at the factory said Tuesday. The plant produces work site safety equipment.

The Canadian Auto Workers union said the company has indicated the work will be phased out by December with half the work being relocated to the United States and the other half going to Mexico.

In a statement to Canadian Occupational Safety, Lourdes Pena, a Honeywell spokesperson, said despite the Toronto plant closure the company will maintain a significant presence in Ontario and Canada. The transition only involves Honeywell’s Toronto facility at Dansk Court.

“Let me say that we are committed to supporting our employees through this transition while at the same time meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations for quality and delivery.  As a global corporation, we regularly evaluate our operations to identify operational efficiencies and ensure that we remain competitive. This proposed transition is part of this process,” Pena said.