New website helps Manitobans make informed decisions about workplace pension plans

A campaign designed to help educate Manitobans about workplace pension plans includes a new website, which was recently launched by Labour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard.

"The intent of this public education campaign and the new website is to give Manitobans the tools to make informed decisions about their pension plan and their retirement following major revisions to Manitoba's pension legislation, the most significant in 35 years," Howard said when launching the site in November 2010.

The website will raise awareness about how recent changes benefit plan members and retirees and encourage people to become more proactive in planning their retirement, the minister said.  “Picture Yourself in Retirement” provides tools to help individuals and others consider retirement plans to suit their personal circumstances.
Manitoba has the second-highest pension plan coverage in Canada, with 46 per cent of the paid labour force participating, versus a national average of 39 per cent. Manitoba is the only province that requires employees to belong to a pension plan when a plan is available.

"Workers planning for retirement will benefit from greater flexibility and protection of pension plans," Howard says.  "Individuals will also see their input has been heard and incorporated into the changes that have taken place."

The website includes information for Manitoba pension-plan members and those who sponsor and administer Manitoba registered pension plans.  It is located at