Ontario labour ministry seeks applications for prevention council membership

This is the last day to submit applications for membership in the newly formed Ontario Prevention Council. The Ontario Ministry of Labour is forming the first-ever Ontario Prevention Council, following recommendations contained in the Expert Advisory Panel Report on Occupational Health and Safety — released in December 2010.
Recent amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act called for the appointment of a chief prevention officer and the establishment of a prevention council. With the chief prevention officer, the  11-member multi-stakeholder prevention council will be tasked to provide advice to the minister of labour on prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses, and developing a provincial occupational health and safety strategy. The council will also advice the minister on any significant proposed changes to funding and delivery of services of entities designated under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.

Membership of the prevention council will reflect representation from a broad range of organizations and interests: large, medium and small organizations; trade unions; employer associations; labour associations; individuals with expertise in prevention; community organizations and groups representing vulnerable and injured workers.

The minister will appoint 11 persons to the prevention council with the following composition:

four employer representatives

four labour representatives

one non-union worker representative

one occupational health and safety expert

one Workplace Safety and Insurance Board expert

Qualifications for membership include:

- Knowledge of the prevention issues facing Ontario.

- Understanding of the diverse nature of prevention in workplaces.

- Recognized leader with a demonstrated commitment to prevention.

- Strategic thinker with sound judgement.

- Integrity.

- Credibility in the health and safety community (demonstrated through successful relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders).

- Effective communicator with the ability to work with others and collaborate effectively in consensual decision-making.

- Results oriented.

More details about the application process is posted on the Government of Ontario's website.

Deadline for submission is March 21st.