Province increases actions to keep Albertans safe and healthy

New plan increases inspections, tackles occupational diseases and motor vehicle injuries, and formalizes family involvement in court sentencing
With four items on the 10-point occupational health and safety plan completed, the Alberta government is adding four new initiatives to help keep working Albertans safe and healthy.

“Work-related diseases and vehicle incidents are killing more workers than injuries are,” said Employment and Immigration Minister Thomas Lukaszuk. “It is time we took steps to reduce these work-related fatalities.”
The new initiatives are:

Identifying new ways to reduce work-related motor vehicle incidents - a new best practices guide and e-learning program, Driving for Work: Developing Safe Practices for Employers and Workers, will help employers develop effective safe driving programs for their employees.  

Identifying new ways to reduce work-related diseases - Lukaszuk has instructed Employment and Immigration to establish an occupational disease prevention program.
Formalizing the process to ensure that family input is sought on each and every occasion that involves a creative sentence.

Making the enforcement system even stronger - hiring an additional eight Occupational Health and Safety Officers will bring the total to 102 and will result in a stronger presence on Alberta worksites. 

Lukaszuk launched a 10-point plan for Occupational Health and Safety in July.  He confirmed that as of November 8, four items from that list will have been completed. These include a stronger compliance system, a template for employer records, a website with records of companies and a review of the Work Safe Alberta initiative. On November 8, Lukaszuk will be hosting a forum with a number of industry and labour stakeholders, the first since 2005. The remaining six items are still underway.