RateMyEmployer.ca celebrates first year with 7,000 evaluations

The www.ratemyemployer.ca site, which allows users to anonymously review and rate employers, is celebrating its first year of existence with more than 7,000 reviews of 2,700 Canadian companies, including some of the biggest in the country.

"At the speed new evaluations are being made, RateMyEmployer.ca will quickly reach the critical mass it needs to become an indispensable job search resource," says Manuel Francisci, founder of RateMyEmployer.ca.

The evaluations constitute a gold mine of information for job seekers checking out potential employers, as well as for companies, which can use them to gauge their employer brand. RateMyEmployer.ca is a direct, uncensored diagnostic tool that allows companies to be attentive to and interact directly with employees, ex-employees and job seekers.

“Although negative comments generally outnumber positive ones on RateMyEmployer, it is nonetheless true that it is an excellent opportunity for companies to find out what their current and former employees really think about them, since these people are ultimately the real ambassadors of the employer brand,” says Francisci.

RateMyEmployer is part of jobWings Careers, a Canadian leader in specialized job boards, with 16 job boards covering a wide range of sectors. These sites are all part of the Publipac.ca service, the only Canadian niche job board network. jobWings Careers is also the founder of Nicejob.ca Canadian job search engine.