Video Blog: Alberta Employment Standards complaint process made easier

The Alberta government is launching a pilot project to make the Employment Standards complaint process easier for employees.

“Like most Albertans, I imagine you enjoy the work that you do and your employer is treating you fairly,” said Minister Thomas Lukaszuk in a recently posted video blog. “However, if that is not the case, now you have a new, innovative way in which you can file your complaint with Employment Standards.”

In addition to the more traditional methods of mailing a complaint or dropping by in person, Alberta workers can now use the new online complaint process to complete an online complaint from start to finish. The form can be accessed at  

There are over two-million workers in Alberta. Employment Standards receives about 5,000 complaints annually.

For more information on your Employment Standards responsibilities, and to better understand your workplace rights, call the Employment Standards Contact Centre at, toll free in Alberta, 1-877-427-3731.

Click here to view Minister Lukaszuk’s video blog.