Feds decrease OEL for grain dust

But flour dust exposure limit increased


The Government of Canada has announced changes to the occupational health and safety regulations for workers exposed to grain dust and flour dust in federally regulated workplaces. As of July 11, the occupational exposure limit (OEL) for grain dust has been reduced to 4 mg/m3 from 10 mg/m3.


The OEL for flour dust will be increased from 0.5 mg/m3 to 3 mg/m3. This limit takes into consideration the scientific evidence available, the economic feasibility, as well as the health and safety benefits to ensure that occupational exposure levels were technically feasible and achievable, the federal government said.


These changes will significantly lower the risk of workers coming into contact with airborne substances in the workplace, while ensuring consistency with most provincial and territorial regulations, the government said. These changes will also align the exposure limits for these hazardous substances with the highest safety standards in Canada and internationally.