3 B2Gold workers killed in Mali attack

Employee transport convoy targeted by local militants

3 B2Gold workers killed in Mali attack

Three workers employed by Canadian mining company B2Gold died following an attack on the employee transport convoy they were on in West Africa.

The incident happened on Thursday, Feb. 15, approximately 75 kilometers west of Bamako, the Western African country’s capital. It took place over 300 kilometers northeast of the Fekola Mine site. 

B2Gold employees were travelling from the Fekola Mine to Bamako. The employee transport convoy included Malian gendarmerie vehicles in front and in the rear of the transport convoy, said Clive T. Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the company.

“B2Gold wishes to express its deepest condolences to the families of the deceased employees,” he said.

Initial reports also indicated several other employees travelling on the bus were also wounded, and they were transported to a local hospital, said Johnson. Other personnel involved in the incident were transported to Bamako for assistance and counselling, he added.

B2Gold is working with the Malian government to understand further details of the attack.

The transport route has been the focus of an increased security presence by the Malian armed forces, according to the company.

B2Gold has been actively engaged with the Malian government on further improvement to security along the transport route, it said.

Mining and processing activities at the Fekola Mine have not been impacted by the incident.