5-Star OHS Software and Technology Providers 2023 special report released

List of the best safety audit software companies in Canada unveiled

5-Star OHS Software and Technology Providers 2023 special report released

The welfare of frontline workers remains a paramount concern, and Canadian Occupational Safety has identified a group of companies that are leading the charge in advancing workplace safety.

A special report titled ‘The Best Safety Audit Software in Canada- 5-Star OHS Software and Technology Providers 2023’ has just been released.

Industry expert Nisa Karan, principal consultant at Cobra Safety, affirms the importance of OHS software and technology firms. "Successful OHS software and technology firms understand that their solutions directly impact workplace safety and strive to be trusted partners in the pursuit of safer and healthier work environments," says Karan.

Companies recognized in 2023 for their remarkable contributions to mitigating workplace risks provide the following types of solutions.

  1. Secure vehicle connectivity: Innovations include securely connecting commercial vehicles to the internet, providing advanced web-based analytics for better fleet management and data-driven decision-making.
  2. Comprehensive safety management platform: A comprehensive safety management platform addresses manual safety process risks, instilling confidence in OHS professionals by connecting every level of the organization to ensure compliance.
  3. Global satellite communication: Challenging Canadian climates are no match for a global satellite communicator that operates beyond the reach of landlines or cellular networks. This device enables lone workers to stay connected and trigger SOS signals in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 55 °C.
  4. QR code functionality: The introduction of innovative QR code functionality on mobile devices empowers OHS professionals to gain unprecedented access to employees' and subcontractors' skills and certifications through real-time monitoring.

Chemscape Safety Technologies, headquartered in Calgary, has been lauded for its pioneering efforts in simplifying Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), a task often plagued by lengthy documents filled with technical jargon.

Mike Phibbs, president of Chemscape, explains their mission, saying, "our mindset is, what can we do to make the lives of people using these chemicals safer? The people might not even know it, but we really target making it easy for the people that actually use these chemicals and need this information."

Learn more about how Chemscape Safety Technologies is providing safety solutions in this space, and find out how other companies are making the critical work of health and safety leaders simpler and more effective by checking out the special report now.