Construction fall hazards focus of autumn safety blitz

Ontario is taking action to prevent falls and keep workers safe on construction sites by launching a series of province-wide blitzes, after-hours enforcement program and education sessions this fall.
Ministry of Labour inspectors are proactively visiting and inspecting construction sites across the province to check that:

• employers have safe work practices, policies and programs in place to protect workers from falls hazards
• workers working on ladders, mobile stands and platforms are properly trained and supervised and use appropriate fall protection systems, personal protective equipment and other safety devices
• openings in floors and work surfaces and walls are protected by guardrails or protective coverings.

Inspectors also visited lowrise residential construction sites in September to specifically check for falls and other hazards involving sloped roofing.

These initiatives are in conjunction with a new pilot program that inspects construction sites seven days a week, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. Safety awareness seminars are also being held until the end of November for the lowrise residential sector across Ontario.

"Workplace safety is the Ministry of Labour's number one priority, something that we work towards every single day," said Yasir Naqvi, minister of labour. "These blitzes are part of our government’s commitment to preventing injuries and keeping workers at construction projects and all workplaces safe."