Construction sites focus of Ontario MOL winter safety blitz

Ontario is launching a province-wide safety blitz of construction projects at commercial and industrial facilities to ensure they have the proper protections in place to keep workers safe.
"Workers can be exposed to construction hazards created by high noise levels, construction traffic and dangerous substances such as asbestos, lead and silica. We're working to improve the health and safety of workers in Ontario," said George Gritziotis, chief prevention officer.

In January 2014, Ministry of Labour inspectors will inspect a range of workplaces across Ontario that are undergoing major renovations, repairs or additions. The inspectors will focus on making sure:

• workers are protected from airborne substances, hazardous materials and extreme noise levels
• workers are protected when equipment and hazardous materials are stored and moved
• personal protective equipment is available and that workers are trained on its use
• emergency contingency plans are in place and communicated to workers and others at the workplace.