Escape and rescue in the construction industry

With falls among the most common job site risks, planning and training are key to safety

Escape and rescue in the construction industry

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Year after year, falls continue to be one of the most common workplace injuries in the construction industry. Employers make efforts to protect their employees by eliminating the need to go to heights or putting in place measures to protect workers from a risk of a fall. On construction sites these efforts alone will not protect all workers as employees will still need to work in situations where they are exposed to a potential fall.

When we place workers in these situations, we need to make sure there is a way to get them down or rescue them. And with the constant changes taking place on construction sites, new risks and challenges often arise. “Construction sites are constantly changing as parts of a job are completed which can create new or unique fall protection challenges throughout the entire project lifecycle,” says safety expert 3M.

Planning and training are paramount to keeping workers safe on construction sites. “Creating an escape and rescue plan for your site is imperative to ensuring that workers are retrieved quickly after a fall,” says 3M. Relying solely on local first responder services may cause delays, leaving workers at risk for suspension trauma. This is why 3M says that creating a rescue plan for each application “will ensure that workers are properly prepared to complete rescue activities if a colleague experiences a fall.”

3M says that ensuring that each site has a detailed fall protection plan, provides fall protection training for workers that meets regulatory standards, and providing the appropriate PPE to prevent falls and injuries from falls or dropped objects is imperative.

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