How to protect and support your lone worker staff

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How to protect and support your lone worker staff

Consider a shift-worker in a near-empty office building late at night, facing aggression from an intruder, your staff need systems in place to support them without compromised safety. This is just one scenario, many workers face threats in various isolated working conditions.

For those working in isolation, it is essential for employers to recognize their particular vulnerability to higher levels of risk. The remote nature of such jobs magnifies the potential effect of any injuries or incident, given the delay in being able to get help.

COS, in partnership with EcoOnline, is proud to present an upcoming free webinar on September 13 at 1pm ET entitled: Leave no worker behind: How to ensure safety for lone and independent workers, which you can register for here.

Lone workers typically perform their jobs in isolation, separated from the larger workforce, their security is a top concern for organizations. The session allows professional to effectively learn how to identify lone workers, as 50 per cent of lone workers cannot even accurately classify themselves.

Some of the main challenges facing the safety industry for lone workers include the high cost of operations and the difficulty in implementing control due to manual processes. The lack of supervision and communication can lead to increased vulnerability and risk.

This webinar highlights how employers can become prepared for the challenges, and the strategies and solutions can they implement. Once an organization has established the potential risks, they can become proactive in monitoring situations and remain in consistent communication.

Beyond real-time incident and response management ample data allows for improved decision making, with the implementation process in place right at the onset. Maintaining reliable audit trails allows for a quick response to be deployed if needed.  A system that is simple and easy to use is favourable. Through digital transformations you can increase the safety and efficiency of your remote teams.   

The webinar also focuses on digging to the root causes for common challenges faced by lone workers. Employees can learn how to build trust, and confidence in the organization's lone worker safety program.

To register for this free webinar produced by COS in partnership with EcoOnline, you can register for here.