Manitoba WCB awards $1 million in grants for workplace health and safety innovation

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) has announced the recipients of 10 grants in support of projects that will help keep Manitoba workers safe and recover from workplace injuries.
The funding is part of the WCB's Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP). This year's initiatives range from injury prevention projects to help young people starting careers in the agricultural sector to online health and safety training for Manitoba's rapidly growing Aboriginal workforce.

"The Research and Workplace Innovation Program funds innovative projects and scientific research that helps reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and helps injured workers recover," said WCB president and CEO Winston Maharaj. "Whenever new RWIP projects are announced, that means that the WCB is adding to our growing pool of practical resources available to help employers, workers and the general public."

The RWIP makes available $1 million each year to fund high-quality scientific research and workplace-based innovation programs that improve workplace health and safety. Since 2009, funding has supported 39 workplace prevention, education and training initiatives. Starting this year, the WCB has added a new funding stream to support training and education projects in occupational health and safety.

"The WCB is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of safety and health for all Manitobans," said Maharaj. "As a result of the initiatives supported through the program, we've been able to expand our knowledge base and share new prevention, education and training resources that will help ensure that workers make it home from work safely."

2013 RWIP grant recipients

• Debbie Frechette, Mental Health Program, Health Sciences Centre and Lisa Knechtel, Adult Mental Health Program, Health Sciences Centre: Enhancing Seclusion and Restraint-Free Mental Health Services: Promoting Employee Safety Through Cultural Change, Trauma-Informed Care, and the Use of Innovative Strategies for Violence Prevention and Management

• Robin Millar, Centre for Education and Work: Interactive Safety e-Book: Taking it Direct to the Learner

• Marileen Bartlett, Canadian Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) and Doug Lauvstad, Northern Manitoba Sector Council (NMSC): Manitoba Aboriginal Health and Safety Initiative (MAHSI)

• Andrew Klukas, Integrated Training Management Inc.: On-line Occupational Health and Safety Management System for the Manitoba Retail Sector

• Michele Rogalsky and Lorrie Koroscil, School of Agriculture, University of Manitoba: Safe Farm Plans for Glenlea Research Station and Farm

• Ihor Barwinsky, Gypsum Drywall Interiors Ltd.: To Create Indicators and Tools for Supervisors to Use at the Job Site in Identifying Potential Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI) Associated with Drywall Installations

• Stephen Bornstein and Robert Kean, Memorial University; Emma Irvin, Dwayne Van Eerd and Ron Saunders, Institute for Work & Health; Steven Passmore and Leslie Johnson, University of Manitoba: Synthesizing Occupational Health and Safety Knowledge for Local Stakeholders

• Mohamed Issa, University of Manitoba: Evaluating the Accessibility of the Manitoba Construction Industry to Physically Disabled Construction Workers and its Relation to Safety Performance

• Agnieszka Kosny, Dorcas Beaton, Andrea Furlan and Ellen MacEachen, Institute for Work and Health; Juliette Cooper, University of Manitoba; Mieke Koehoorn, University of British Columbia; Barbara Neis, Memorial University: Engaging Healthcare Providers in the Return To Work Process

• Michele Rogalsky and Lorrie Koroscil, School of Agriculture, University of Manitoba: Farm Safety