New safety training requirements for New Brunswick highway projects

New safety requirements take effect on April 1 for operators of private trucks working on New Brunswick highway projects and contracts, the province’s department of transportation and infrastructure announced.
Operators of private trucks working on highway projects and contracts will be required to complete the following basic training:

• occupational health and safety orientation
• workplace hazardous materials information system training
• work area traffic control manual awareness training.

The contractors' role will be to confirm the operators have taken the required training. Operators will also be required to perform a daily pre-trip inspection on their trucks.

“Training and awareness programs are necessary steps to make construction sites safer,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams. “These measures will improve safety for private truckers, department employees, contractors and the public on highway contracts and projects.”

The work area traffic control manual awareness training is free and available on the department of transportation and infrastructure’s website. The other two programs, which require a half-day or a day to complete, are available from several providers, the department said.