OHS, police launch investigation after deadly landslide at Quebec quarry

Quebec provincial police have launched an investigation into a deadly landslide at a quarry near Montreal.

Gregory Gomez, a spokesman for the force, said officers will work on figuring out what exactly happened now that the recovery effort is over.
The company that operated the quarry will be included in the investigation, Gomez said.

"We've done some analysis on the site and in the pit," he said. "We're going to try to determine what happened, the sequence of events, and if there is criminal wrongdoing in this incident."

The province's health and safety board will also be assisting with the case.

The bodies of two workers — a woman and a man — were recovered on Saturday. They had been missing since Tuesday's landslide at the gravel quarry in L'Epiphanie, Que., east of Montreal.

The man has been identified as 54-year-old Daniel Brisebois. Police haven't yet confirmed the identity of the woman.

A third worker was rescued by a provincial police helicopter on Tuesday within hours of the collapse.

Rescue efforts were put on hold during the week due to bad weather and concerns of another landslide.