P.E.I. Workers Compensation Act to be amended??

Following a recent review, the Prince Edward Island department of environment, labour and justice will bring forward a series of amendments to the Workers Compensation Act, said the department's minister Janice Sherry.
“In the next session of the legislative assembly, I intend to ask for the approval of measures that will make workers' compensation more generous to employees while continuing to keep the system financially sustainable for the employers that fund workers compensation in Prince Edward Island,” said Sherry.

Following a series of consultations and reviews carried out by an advisory committee in 2012, the department is proposing legislative changes that would maintain fully funded status for the Workers Compensation Board. The changes would also:
• reduce the wait time for claims from three to two days
• increase wage loss benefits to 85 per cent of net insurable earnings from 80 per cent
• increase the indexation of benefits from 75 to 80 per cent of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“Participation in the workers' compensation system is optional for the farming and fishing industries. We want to hear from these industries whether this approach is working or if changes are desired," said Sherry.

Government will open a dialogue with the agriculture and fisheries industries regarding workers compensation.

“The amendments will provide a fair and balanced approach to the interests of workers and employers,” she said.