Safe Roads campaign reminds motorists to slow down for road workers

Manitoba's 2016 Safe Roads campaign kicked off Tuesday with its message to motorists to reduce speed and be cautious when driving through construction zones and passing workers.
Drivers are reminded to be considerate of workers' increased presence on roadways during the summer construction season.

"The Safe Roads campaign is a timely reminder that motorists will share roadways with many workers in the busy summer ahead," said Minister of Infrastructure Blaine Pedersen. "The driving public can do its part to keep these workers safe by slowing down and being extra cautious in construction areas."

The Safe Roads campaign theme, "This is My Workplace. Slow Down," will be delivered to Manitobans through billboards and transit advertisements in an effort to increase the safety of those working on and near Manitoba roads.

“When we encounter a road crew, it is crucial to realize we are driving right through their workplace. This campaign continues to bring attention to the importance of slowing down to protect the safety of workers in their work zones,” said Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman.

Winston Maharaj, president and CEO of the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, stressed the preventable nature of road-related injuries and deaths.

"At the WCB, we see the tragic impact of workplace fatalities involving road work in Manitoba, and we know they're preventable," said Maharaj. "We should all strive to remember that, for these workers, the road is their workplace. And everyone has the right to work in an environment that is safe and healthy."

The campaign asks all Manitobans to play a part in keeping workers safe by making the choice to drive safely and respectfully, a message that seems to be getting through. According to research by the Safe Roads committee, 84 per cent of people who are aware of the campaign become more considerate, empathetic and understanding of workers and their designated work zones.