Safety associations kick off multi-sector summit on motor vehicle safety

One hundred and twenty members of the Ontario prevention system, community-based organizations and businesses will gather on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 to address motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) — the leading cause of fatalities in Ontario workplaces.

This all-day summit will be held at the Presentation Centre at the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation, located on 5110 Creekbank Road in Mississauga, Ont. The event runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The goal is to develop a multi-year action plan under the banner of Health & Safety Ontario (HSO), according to a statement from the Workplace Safety and Prevention System (WSPS).

MVIs continue to be one of the top four hazards in Ontario affecting those who operate a motorized vehicle — whether it’s a car, truck or fork lift — as a function of their work. The summit will include creative information sharing and problem solving, providing the motivation and tools to start a dialogue about motor vehicle safety in the workplace, in the community and with friends and family, WSPS said.

Introducing the event will be Peter Fonseca, Minister of Labour, Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Transportation and Steve Mahoney, chair of the WSIB.
Dr. Jeff Linkenbach will lead participants in a series of discussions and workshops. Linkenbach is the director of the Center for Health and Safety Culture and a senior research scientist with the Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University. He is a pioneer in the area of “positive community norms” approach to prevention and has done recent work in both Alberta and Montana to change social norms related to motor vehicle safety.

This event will build on previous summit discussions and include alerts on drowsy, distracted and aggressive driving with the purpose of creating an enduring culture of motor vehicle safety, WSPS said.

Health & Safety Ontario (HSO) is the result of a bold move to reorganize the independent efforts of 12 health and safety associations into four streamlined organizations to better serve more than 236,000 Ontario businesses. HSO is comprised of: Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, Public Services Health & Safety Association, Workplace Safety North and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.