Take Our Kids to Work day chance for businesses to demonstrate commitment to safety

Grade 9 students across Canada visiting workplaces for Take Our Kids to Work day offers a good opportunity for organizations to educate the future workforce and reinforce a commitment to safety.
The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) says the national program, which takes place on Nov. 5, reminds organizations that safety of workers is a priority. Ensuring visiting students are safe from hazards is a top priority.

The visit also enables companies to showcase the range of jobs in the organization.

To prepare for the grade nine guests, CCOHS recommends employers:

• On the day, hold a workplace orientation with the students that focus on health and safety issues relevant to that environment.
• Supervise students all day while they are at the workplace site.
• Students should only be allowed to undertake tasks and experiences for which they have been properly oriented.
• In the work environment, students should be encouraged to speak up about health and safety concerns, ask questions, and comment on situations they observed during the day.

The CCOHS has also posted a variety of free resources on its website to help employers promote safety.