Teaching resource puts young worker safety into classrooms

The Canadian Centres for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has launched a new resource for high school teachers to teach safety to young workers.

To help educate young people about workplace healthy and safety and prevent injuries, the new resource called, Health and Safety Teaching Tools, has been developed specifically for secondary school teachers. It is a comprehensive toolkit designed for the classroom by the CCOHS.

Every year, young workers are critically injured or killed on the job. Statistics show they are more likely to get injured on the first 4 weeks on a new job than their more senior counterparts.

The new CCOHS toolkit contains more than 200 pages of safety information, tips, classroom activities, handouts and quizzes, as well as a companion CD of accompanying slides in PowerPoint and PDF formats, for use as student handouts. Teaching Tools is divided into five chapters covering the major topic areas of workplace health and safety that are likely to impact young workers: chemical hazards, ergonomics, physical hazards, biological hazards and sociability issues.

The information provided within this toolkit is based on best practice principles and techniques. Its purpose is to provide guidance on young worker safety, rather than prescribe specific requirements, the CCOHS said.

Secondary school teachers can play a vital role in developing awareness of workplace health and safety issues in young people. It has been proven that integrating workplace health and safety education into the classroom has helped in the prevention of accidents and injuries, the CCOHS said.

The Health and Safety Teaching Tools may be purchase from the CCOHS. More information can be found on the CCOHS website.