Top 10 most dangerous jobs of 2016 revealed

Top 10 most dangerous jobs of 2016 revealed
It's no shock that professions such as police officer, firefighter and emergency medical technician, which are often associated with danger, made CareerCast's list of the top 10 most dangerous jobs. But surprisingly, veterinarians were also named among the most dangerous professions.
"Animals can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous," said Kyle Kensing, online content editor, CareerCast. "Veterinarians working with dogs and cats can face the workplace hazards of bites and scratches, and those who work with livestock and other large animals risk serious injury."

Rounding out the top 10 most dangerous jobs are construction labourer, correction officer, farmer, nursing assistant, taxi driver and truck driver.

The most dangerous jobs were compiled by cross-referencing the 200 jobs tracked in the 2016 Jobs Rated report with United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and various trade organization data.

Quantifying the safest jobs is not quite as clear as determining the most dangerous. Low demand for travel, low physical activity and/or exertion, and workplace settings contribute to safer, physical conditions. 

IT jobs like computer systems analyst and web developer reported the fewest cases of on-the-job injury or illness. Other safe jobs include include accountant/auditor, actuary, dietician, interpreter/translator, mathematician, medical records technician, paralegal assistant and statistician.

The safest jobs were chosen based on work environment, which includes these physical factors, all of which contribute to workplace danger: energy (exertion/stamina); physical demands; work conditions (toxic fumes, noise); and degree of confinement.

Photo: REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach