Top 10 most dangerous jobs revealed

Due to their work with falling trees, cutting equipment and rugged landscape, loggers have ranked first on the list of most dangerous jobs. analyzed data from the United States 2012 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries to come up with the top 10 most dangerous jobs. The list is dominated by blue-collar occupations that involve manual labour and high-risk environments. (See full list below.)

The research also revealed the number of fatal work injuries is on the decline in the U.S, with 6,217 deaths In 1992 versus 4,383 in 2012.

The main causes of fatal work injuries are:
• transportation accidents (41 per cent)
• homicide, violence and injuries by people or animals (17 per cent)
• being struck by an object or equipment (16 per cent)
• slips, trips and falls (15 per cent).

Top 10 most dangerous jobs (including average salary in U.S. dollars)
1. Loggers ($34,600)
2. Fishers, fishing workers ($36,900)
3. Pilots, flight engineers ($128,800)
4. Roofers ($38,800)
5. Structural iron and steel workers ($50,700)
6. Refuse, recyclable material collectors ($35,200)
7. Electrical power line installers, repairers ($62,300)
8. Truck drivers, mobile sales workers ($27,700)
9. Farmers, ranchers, agricultural managers ($73,700)
10. Construction labourers ($34,500)