Top 5 ways to keep road crews safe

Drivers reminded to slow down during National Work Zone Awareness Week

Top 5 ways to keep road crews safe
Keeping your eyes on the road and avoiding distractions such as cellphones can keep road workers safe on the job. ChameleonsEye /

National Work Zone Awareness Week is running from April 8-12. The annual campaign focuses on work zone safety and highlights what all road users can do to ensure everyone’s safety while travelling through these areas.

“Spring clean-up and road work is underway… as crews transition from winter road maintenance to seasonal road operations and construction,” said Gary Kocialek, director of transportation at the Region of Peel in Ontario. “Work zone safety is a priority. By promoting National Work Zone Awareness Week, we help empower all road users to make safer choices and highlight the importance of navigating safely through work zones so that we all get home safely each day.”

Work zones include areas where road construction, maintenance or utility activities takes place. To protect crews working in these areas, follow these tips from the Region of Peel:

Plan ahead. Before setting out on the road, research your route to avoid work zones where possible and use any detours that are available.

Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid all distractions such as cellphones and eating.

Slow down and keep your distance. Lane closures, reduced speeds and traffic pattern shifts are common in work zones. Be alert and expect the unexpected.

Obey all signs. Be aware of all signage throughout work zones as they provide important information that warns drivers of approaching road conditions and disruptions.

Protect workers. Slow down as you approach workers, give them room to work and be prepared to stop.